Monday, November 10, 2008

Am i Krazy with a capital K?


"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than write for the public and have no self"
Cyril Connolly

Well now a second post within a day - amazing how 'real life' work motivates one to do other things.

anyhoo. The important question i'm asking myself today is 'am i Krazy?'

On a normal day i'm crazy with a small 'c' but i think today (with hindsight) i'm alot of Krazy with a big K and a dash of desperate.

Why? you ask. Well, I am the genius writer, of approx 500 words of a manuscript, who decided to email the EVIL EDITOR with the first 150-200 words of chapter 1 (chapter 1 which is still 500 words) so that it can be put up as a 'new beginning' - this means Ladies and Gents that strangers look at my 150-200 words (which are looking crapper the more i see them) and make up the next 200 words from it - creating a 'new beginning' and of course when its posted on EVIL EDITOR BLOG people can comment on the whole affair.

So i've explained the Krazypart, but what about the desperate? Well, this is the real why behind my actions. I desperately want an honest opinion of what i've written from people with 'experience' etc. who aren't going to be 'nice' cause they know me.

I think we all want this.

We thrive on feedback, but the 'its amazing' mantra from mom and dad isn't quite the contructive critique that it used to be....

Unbiased constructive critique is what i was looking for....and I know i'll GET it now (as in Italien Mafia 'get it'). lol.

With Hindsight, probably not the smartest move a writer of 500 words could make.........


J.B said...

With writers, I believe that 'Krazy' is a part of the game. Our imaginations are 90% Krazy, 30% insane, and 40% creatively inclined (and as you can see, our imaginations happen to be quite over active, peaking at around 160% on a daily basis).
Good luck with your honest feedback :). I know what you mean about people being bias because they know you- sometimes you just need some impartial advice on your work.
And thanks for the Nano comment- I still can not believe I have written that much.
Oh the WD is still very very much alive :D.
Copy that straight into your site address bar, and you will be good to go :)
Happy Writing!

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