Friday, November 28, 2008

Choo Choo Choo..........Christmassy Grinch

There is something really exciting about being on a train, using your laptop and being online - all at the same time. Aw if only Agatha Christie could see me now....

Anyhow, its friday evening and i'm on my way home from Uni after a gruelling day of essay results and presentation slides (i was up at 6am this morning doing tired). I wish i could say this is the end of it, but this is only the beginning!!

I'm commuting every single morning to the capital of my country.....which is packed with Xmas Crap and shoppers. Now, i'm all for the Xmas, but the crowds....and the children.....and the buggies....i feel like i've been through the first 15 minutes of Saving Private Ryan...and its still NOVEMBER!!!!!

Ugh the thoughts of the coming December make me want to cry...alot!!

Apart from the commuting and Xmas nightmare, the workload and looming exams are killing me. I seem to have no free time at all - even to write! It's gotten sooooo BAD that i'm dreaming about it!

So what is the point of this garbly worded post from an exhausted postgrad sitting on a train?


Clare C. Greenstreet said...

I know how you feel about Christmas. I love Christmas, just not the crowds. I hate crowds at any time of the year. And I hate crowds when I'm at work, having to serve them. Far too many people.

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