Thursday, November 20, 2008

Evil Editor cracks the whip

Well since the below post - my 200 words have made it onto the evil editors first page.

here is the link New beginning 573

I'm not sure if i can take the excerpt (including the new 'beginning') without making a faux pas so i'm just going to provide a link.

So 1st. My prologue was misinterpreted as someone speaking (and then it seems it was preferred that way)

2nd. alot of confusion about what it was about - lots of words were used by reviewers like 'dense' 'a bit much' 'incomprehensible' - not feeling the love for 'beth' critique but i appreciate what she was saying and other reviewers like ellie were very constructive too. I'll admit the critiques hurt but i'm not going to be stupid and huffy about it and disregard what was said.

So, i'm thinking now, i may have to go back to the drawing board. Perhaps i don't have the skill or vision yet to sit down and write decently or should i say 'comprehensible'. I don't know if this is a 'crisis of faith' or approaching writing in a different light, but i need to do something, right?

So, I'm thinking that i shall have to start focusing on 'practicing' alot so i can get the best results when i do sit down and complete this novel.

So i think that perhaps its time to 'hone' my 'craft' on smaller projects (and not on fanfiction) such as short stories.

In my mind they are just as difficult to write as a novel except completion would be quicker, and i could start getting into the habit of rereading and editing etc and submitting work in for publication. this way i'm both establishing my platform and honing my writing.

So am i just in denial of being an awful writer? running away? or is this a sensible plan?

If i could figure the polls out - i still wouldn't be arsed to poll this lol

emily signing out


J.B said...

Okay firstly, you need to write for yourself. You can't focus on pleasing everyone, because it is not possible to please everyone. Writing for yourself is the only way for this all to work because in the end it is for you. If you write for everyone, it will be for them which will not make you happy (and then ultimately, what is the point then?).
My advice: write.
It is simple and basic advice, but chances are you will change your story as you go along anyways and the things you are stressing over now might not even be there when you finish your first draft. Focus just one getting it down, and later you will edit it and polish it and make it presentable to everyone. But the first thing you have to do to get to that point is just write.
I hope I repeated myself enough for that to sink in!
I know- sometimes it can hurt personally when people do not like it, but it is not for them. It is for you, so keep that in mind- if you like it, what they think does not matter this early in the game.

Emily Cross said...

Thanks JB, this is the pick me up i needed. you are so sweet!! *hug*

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