Saturday, November 22, 2008

Me...and a website...what could go wrong?

So, after pondering terminology such as 'cookies' (v scary things......conspiracy theory, anyone?) 'terms and conditions' and 'privacy policy' i ticked the 'i agree' box on one of those 'free website' set ups....

Now, don't judge me. I'm a poor (bankrupt and in debt) student so my thinking is that i'm not worth scamming/spamming etc. so i think i must be realtively safe....although it seems its all up to 'YOU' (i.e. me) to make sure 'YOUR' site is safe etc. Considering i'm not the most technological minded person this may be.....problematic...

Anyhoo although i don't like when they say 'they can change the terms & conditions without notifying you' i still signed up as 'all the cool kids are doing it' such as JB.

So i gave into peer pressure... if i'm going to platform i'm going to need a website (even if its crap)

In an ideal world i wish i could afford the amazing skills of Lee Child and John Connolly website designer who are just AMAZING. I live on JC blog and site - and she just captures the essence of his writing!! (and for a alright fee does all that nitty and critty website work)

Promise to self: the second i am published i am contacting this woman!! (if she'll have me lol)

So back to the point:

Here it is:

The Chronicles of Emily Cross

or just

P.S. OMG i can;t change the font on this stoopid website......argh why aren;t i rich....and published!!!


Clare C. Greenstreet said...

cool wedsite!

Emily Cross said...

Thanks Clare!!

still have a load of work to do!

Roselynn said...

Woah! Those websites that were designed by that one site are amazing. I would love to have one of them.

Your website is cool, too!


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