Sunday, November 9, 2008

Writing Here I Come!!!

Hello all and Welcome to my blog.

A Brief Introduction is probably in order.

Currently i'm a graduate student who is doing a course which makes me basically want to cry with boredom. This course will hopefully lead to a boring soul sucking job which will pay the bills and keep me alive....

This is the 'real life' situation (real life = crap)

Anyhow, my language is as usual atrocious (as is my spelling - ignore that if you're a Literary Agent)

Basically i want to be a writer - preferably a published paid one.

i have begun a novel which has no title (you can see i'm a real 'Monica' from friends type...oh so organised) but has characters that i love, a plot i can live with and hopefully a writing style that won't make one's eyes bleed.

In the past week with an amazing 500 words of a manuscript (ok can i really call it that when it isn't even 2 pages? ) written up and saved in numerous places under numerous names (paranoid? probably - computers hate me) I thought i was doing well.....Ha, How wrong i am!

A mind numbing report is due for my 'real life' work so, as always when these things are due, i decided that procrastinatation by blog hopping would be more fun. During my travels I came across various editors/LA/authors/aspiring authors blogs.

What a goldmine of information! Both helpful and terrifying!! (note to self: should NOT have bought all those 'idiots guide to' books on writing)

Now i am not a blog hopping virgin, i have done this before, and i'm proud to say that i have foundthe 'Bestselllers list' of blogs like Ms. Snark, Crapometer and Evil editor (look at 'my blogs'). today i have found a similar gem Moonrat's site - an editor with a heart and some really good advice !!

especially in the below article:

Moonrat's Guide to Getting Published

Now i have heard this information before (and i'm sure you have as well from both the internet, writers market etc. ) but i've never seen such an emphasis on 'PLATFORM BUILDING'.

Honestly i feel i should be wearing a hard hat!!

Alas i don't speak of the building trade or shoes...

Platform building is as Moonrat says:

Your platform consists of your relevant professional credentials and your published writing experience. Another really important component is your marketing outreach--even if you're superqualified to write this book, are you going to be able to get the word out when pub time comes?
She (i assume she) highlights that previous publications, expertise in a writing area etc are essential to get you ahead of the pack. she also emphasises Networking - especially online networking - blogging, websites, forums you're a member of, membership to associations and charities that relate to your book etc...basically its like your secondary (highschool) CV (resume) all over again.

Its all about building up a 'fan base' or 'readership'!

so I just want to say Welcome Readership!!

EMILY needs YOU to actually make me look like i've fans.

For a book that consists of 500 words. Yay.


anyhow this is basically the background of the how and the why of this blog! I plan to update it at least once a week with either articles/blogs i've discovered on the internet, book reviews/recommendations or details of my thrilling writing career....

So click on the right column over there that says 'followers' -

i swear i'm not a cult.....yet...hehehe.. and join!!


J.B said...

Wow, it was great receiving a comment from you today- it has been such along time since we have talked! Naturally I will check in; I always appreciated your advice and helpful comments back in the days of the Writer's Thread.
Now get writing! ;)

Emily Cross said...

Yes Ma'am!!

Thanks JB!! and i shall be checking yours out as well!1

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