Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Azael: I think i have him now

So ok, I have so much work to do it is not funny, so what do i do? i start google anime characters to get an image of my MC in my head.........................ugh...................yes i AM that stupid.

So here is a little information about azael - he is a half human half (haven't come up with species name). He has a human complexion with Black marks on his face. White hair and very bright blue eyes. He's not 'handsome' in the traditional sense, but he;s not grotesque either. His father was (lets call them species for now) and his mother human.

In my mind species are sort of shadow like humanoid creatures of the night (lol - think nightcrawler from xmen) - unlike Azael purebred species are completely black all over (like demon sykes from charmed black) with white hair and very bright red eyes.

EDIT: Found a picture of my 'species' (disclaimer - not mine)

Azael gets his 'human' complexion and blue eyes from his mother. He is weaker than the average species cause he's half human but acts and considers himself more species than man.

Species mate for life (like swans), generally pacifist to outsiders or others troubles - mind their own business is their mantra. They are part of the world (and are known by humans) but are rarely seen as they like to keep themselves separate. Humans don't have great love for them though due to them being viewed as 'demons'.

So I have searched (and please if anyone can photo shop or find a more suitable image of Azael to use as a model - PLEASE let me know. I don't know much of the anime universe to be able to find something. I only just discovered DMC for pics - disclaimer: don't own the below pics.)

So Azael is a combo of :

This image is more about how i imagine azael's face to be both in colour and shape (including ears) - also probably more black around the eyes.

This is what i believe Azael's physique will be like overall except more animalistic in post. I don't see him as 'strong looking' but deceptively wiry.

The overall Image of him - except again needs to be less 'strong' looking from a human POV.

So what do you think? BTW for those who read the excerpt of my 1st chapter - Azael is the 'it' in the cellar


Clare C. Greenstreet said...

It's really annoying when you can find pictures that are close but not as exact as you'd like. If I was really, really good at drawing Anime and Manga I could draw a picture of Azael for you. I might give it a go but I don't know how well it'll go. I did some for my characters by tracing the body and face and hair from a book on Manga but it still didn't go very well.

Emily Cross said...

aw thats so sweet thank you!

I might give it a go myself as well and see if i can do it - not the best drawer but who knows ;) maybe i'll have some hidden talent hahaha

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