Sunday, December 7, 2008

Editing Business ala SeraPhyn

So at the chronicles of Emily Cross we have a sort of love for the good Sera Phyn, aspiring author of 'Fallen', admin/mod of the twilight lexicon, and overall decent human being.

You may have noticed in the link sections of both here and my website (shameless plug) i have linked to both her blog (another shameless plug) and her website (yup, no shame).

Sera Phyn was nice enough to plug this blog and my website on both her blog and website (see this is where the decent human being part comes in) so i felt it only right to return the favour.

Granted, this blog hardly has a large audience, but i want to spread the love and news.

Sera Phyn is offering an editing and novel consultation service on her website for authors. She specialises in fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, young adult, and science fiction.

Here is the link to her editing website on her lovely website (i'm a plugger as well as a blogger - what can i say):

Sera Phyn Editing services


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