Friday, December 19, 2008

FREEDOM - Mel Gibson Style

So, I am FREE............................well at least till my head gets chopped wait sorry that was braveheart.

I'm free until about stephen's day, then back for exams due the 9 th and the 20th....oh joy, the new year looks so

*insert sarcasm right here*

bright and happy!

anyhoo, i'm not going to be all whingey about it (really? me?) i must be delirous from the tiredness.

So, tomorrow my own lil version of NaNoWriMo begins which i have christened NaNoWriWeek. I'm all geared up to go and hopefully *fingers crossed* the synapses will be firing, the mojo will be!?! and i'll get some progress made in this week.

My basic Goals and Plans are :

  • Sort out my stupid prologue - making it readable and most importantly 'understandable'
  • Finish my first chapter - adding more description and depth.
  • Edit like no one has edited before on this prologue and chapter
  • Email it to mon amies over at WD
  • Upon recieving the critique - i may/may not post it on the crapometer (I never learn) and see how people feel so far.
While the last two points are going on - i hope to have clearer idea WTF i'm at. YaY.

So stay tuned.....for whingey with a will be about WRITING. YAY!!!!


Aspiring Author said...

hehe... Good luck with all that. I have finals and end of semester the 3rd week of January... But of course I will wait to cram until the 2nd week.

While on break, I will pout and whine all about my own story while trying to finish an ending that doesnt yet seem to exist and indeed... start the hella long and difficult yet totally desireable process of editing! (I relish in Sarcasm ;) )

Happy editing!

P.S. I am a great person to whine to ;) (altough I might laugh WITH you...)

Clare C. Greenstreet said...

freedom sounds lovely. wish I had freedom. best bit about school was when we got freedom for the hoildays.

Kamille Halliwell said...

Yay! You're FREEEEEEE!

Good luck with your Nano WriWeek!

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