Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello to 2009!!

So its the 31st, New Years Eve. i plan in a few hours to be with my friends, in a nightclub/pub/house party having some craic!! Last years new years eve was actually very good, which was a pleasant surprise as usual this night is horrendous and i hate it. I shall try not to hate it tonight. Happy face Happy Face.....anyhooo i won't whinge on about NY eve or my very lack of success when it comes to resolutions. This year i have 4 very important resolutions......

1. Lose weight - become a uk size 12/10 - thorugh healthier eating and gym (oh i know i can hear breidget jones giggling too at that one)
2. finish the first draft of the NoName Novel.
3. Stop cursing (this is going to be sooooooooo hard)
4. Finish the soul sucking course and get a back breaking heart wrecking job.

I'd be happy to get half of four done....i don't like work as a rule.

So, although these are only 4 resolutions they are pretty big ones. The first one has been on the resolution list for quite some number of NY eves so i must tackle it!!!
the second one i really hope i'll succeed in and plan to! third - well mostly for my mother and i suppose i do talk like a tramp. and the fourth - again one for the family.

so yeah NY eve,
I'll report in tomorrow probably with any scandal from tonight....if my hangover permits it lol

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