Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's December.............why i'm not in the xmas mood.

it's the 7th of December, and instead of prancing about the place in my santa suit, listening to david bowie singing drummer boy (lurv that song), I am sitting in my bed, laptop on lap (killing any chances of little emily crosses being born in the future) 'sorting' through all my research for my research proposal. Of course, i'm also blogging, as you do when you have a gazzillion deadlines and no time.

aw well. I wouldn't be me if i didn't procrastinate.

Although the course is killing all my writing time - i'm looking forward to doing research (if it remains as is). Many of you (basically the 2 people who read this blog) may not know that my undergrad degree is in psychology. So i have made my research proposal as psyche as possible mwahahahahahahahaha,....................i'll probably fail as a result. anyhooo, i think this is why i'm not bleeding tears over the idea of doing the thesis for the course.

Now in regards to the essays and presentations i have due and haven't even started -well i won't be surprised if i'm bald by the end of term.

I don't know about yeh, but i have not been able to get xmassy at all this year. Combination of post grad course and family stuff me thinks.

well, apart from bitching about the lack of xmas cheer in my life, i have made up a lil timetable (Noooooooo!!) for when university is on hiatus

So, from 20th - 26th December -

1.i'm going to finish chapter 1 (with proper tenses and you know that descriptive setting stuff we all love),

2. make my prologue less 'dense' and basically less crap.

3. when its suitable re-edited within an inch of its life I plan to email it to some of the beta's on the WD critique system and to others i hope will look at it (*cough*JB*cough*Pianist_18*cough*)

Then back to the world of studying stuff for the course.

then i have 2 weeks from 25th Jan - 8th Feb.

YES!!!!! Not a deadline in sight.

So i hope to have 1st draft of chapter 2 & 3 done in those two weeks (thats a lot of writing but this will be my nanowrifortnight. hehehe. Yay!!


Clare C. Greenstreet said...

one: the new colour scheme is brill. much easier to read.

two: I was going to say that if you really want to get into the Christmas Sprit then listen to Wizard and Slade and Mud as much as possible. That always works for me. But then I read that David Bowie Little Drummer Boy was your fave, so just stick that on repeat. Even while your busy working.

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