Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Xmas Everybody!!

Well first off : MERRY CHRISTMAS

I hope everyone had a good one, i would have post this yesterday but we had lots of visitors etc. and i was trying to figure out how to work my new nano (16gb - yay!!).

Anyhoo, i posted a list of what i wanted to get done during this week - my week is almost coming to a close and of course i haven't gotten everything on that list finished or ahem .....started.


Prologue: i did get the reworked prologue done and sent it off to my various beta's, so far feedback has been good - small wording issues etc, need to be sorted but overall people seem to like it. After i've done edited the prologue i'm going to put it away for a while and forget about it till i'm finished the first draft. If i let myself look at it more than once - i WILL freak myself out and change it more......changes can wait till 1st draft at this point.

Chapter 1: ok i definitely underestimated how much work needed to go into this. Now i had 700 words for this already but upon rereading it i scraped the whole thing, only using it as an outline for some of the events. Now currently i'm at 1,375 words with the new chapter and i'm hoping to get 5,000 words for it (although trying not to count words). i'm happier with this rework, but i know the bit of writing i did this morning isn't up to scratch. I kept writing and i'll probably re-edit it later - like i did with the original prologue
I'm hoping that i won't lose the intensity of it with the presence of descriptions etc. my original RD (rough draft) of chapter 1 was very sparse on any sort of setting or description (like my prologue) but still was called 'intense'.

Anyhoo point is i was hoping to have both prologue and chapter 1 done for New Years. I may get that done if i extend the NaNoWriWeek by a few days (up to new years).

I'm still deciding on this though, as i have exams and assignments due soon which i haven't started. although i would LOVE to forget everything from now till .....ever...... i have to remember the soul sucking course!!


I may have to wait till the end of January when till NaNoWriFortnight (2 weeks off after exams with noooo deadlines in sight) to finish chapter 1 properly. Originally i was hoping to get two chapters done in the fortnight (chapter 2, 3) but now i'd say i'll be lucky to have a RD of chapter 2 done.

Not that it matters, the way things are in the publishing world, i'd say i'll have till 2011 to just sit on this novel - hopefully then the Big Publishers backlists will be gone and they'll be new work....

I hope!!


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