Sunday, December 28, 2008

Welcome Zaera!! (eh i think)

Considering the amount of time i place don searching for pics for Azael i decided i should do the same for Zaera (she is the MC after all - duh emily)

I found it quite difficult to see anything that spoke Zaera to me, weirdly although she is the MC of the NoName Novel and it is in her point of view - i am still only getting a feel for her.

Azael however i feel as a character i know better - his motives, intentions and motivations are that bit clearer. If i really think about it - Zaera is unclear because i haven't figured out what is her motivation yet. She has the visions and is the catalyst etc. but the whys of her actions i still need to figure out...ugh.....

anyhoo here is a VERY brief background that i have so far.

Brief Bio: Zaera, is single daughter to the local doctor of a very small village. She was born blind and has never seen in her whole life. Her mother died when she was 8 and her father grew even more protective of her and obsessive about coming dangers. three days before there is warning of an attack on her village, she has a vision for the first time. She dismisses it as a dream (althoug being blind she has never had a visual dream) and ignores the warning. a day later her father places her in the rabbit hole (shelter he built) as there is a warning of raids on the border. Although there is no danger to the village he makes her stay there when he goes to help the army on the borders.
She remains there for the next two days, then the village is attacked. she meets Azael for the first time and he leaves her to die. She is racked with guilt for her own ignorance of the visions. She is found by a troop of sympathetic smugglers who take her in.
i'm hoping for some serious character growth revolving around her dependency which is due to her disability, reliance on her father (and others) and her fear of being alone (after almost dying of thirst in the bunker - thanks to azael).

I'm hoping once i figure out her motivation of following the visions (apart from the conseuqences of not!) she'll become more clearer in my mind.

anyhoo, i didn't find something that really clicked - image wise yet, but here are some of the contenders and i think you can get the general gist of what i'm looking for......

This picture is beautiful and i think its very close to Zaera in looks and in facial expression (that far away look in her eyes)

This is another (although the hair colour etc. isn't right) which is very Zaera, concerned worry but gentle look is very her as well.

This image (left) is a general good picture for Zaera - Brown eyes, brown hair and has a general delicate/gentle aura about her.


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