Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 . . . . .

2009 , i had such hopes for thee. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Anyhoo enough melodrama. i had a great NY eve with my friends and of course within 2 seconds of the ding dong dell of 2009, i was cursing like a sailor.

[Resolution to not curse]


lets ignore that resolution, shall we? . . . . . . .

Today is the second day of 2009 and i'm 'trying' to do course work which is time consuming. . . .
i have exams in 20 days and they have us doing this course work - learning logs, CVs and portfolio stuff for a pass/fail module!!! ARGH!!!

I also have to have a methodology chapter all due for the 9th!!

I had a plan, the plan has failed - primarily due to to me being lazy this and 'last' year. i should have all the above stuff done but . i . do. not. DUH!!!


Of course, i'm blogging now that i'm under pressure. See i do have a pattern of behaviour

panic mode = procrastination & denial = FAIL!!

Anyhoo, completely off topic from the above pending doom i was blog hopping and came across a lovely useful letter Moonrat wrote to an Over writer - (insert sarky voice here) which i thought my vast fan base may like

Overwriters Anon

I think i shall be keeping this one tucked away somewhere safe as i am guilty of getting carried away especially with dialogue tags and 'Brilliant Hues and Colour' language


Toodles for now

I'm off to post a bit more on my writing resolutions now - this post is too neg. . . . even for me. . .


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