Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Come on the 24th!

The 24th is the last day of my exams. Yes, I am looking forward to this date. . . .

Ugh. I am screwed. Getting back on topic (surprisingly this is not a whingey post)

The reason for this post (apart from wasting time) is to sort of outline a few ideas for this blog.

So, when i have my two weeks off - i want to do a few things which i plan to keep up.

  1. Good Idea/Bad Idea - Hiring Professional Editor and maybe one on getting someone else to write your query letter (v topical at the moment)
  2. editorial piece (hahaha - you can laugh) about my view of publication and chances and also
  3. The Week in Publishing Blog Posts (basically what i steal from pubprof blogs)
  4. Book Reviews - been planning this one for a while, haven't had opportunity to get to enjoy books in a while. i have a few i want to retroactively review like book thief etc.
  5. Best of Blog posts per subjects - example list of blog posts about 'platform building' - like a little index of resources per subject.
Ugh i wish i was one of those people who could make money off blogging and not had to go study for exams.


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