Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Cover (and title) story!

Damn you photobucket and your temptress ways!!!!! *shakes fist* . . . *meek whisper* i love you

So, I have discovered the edit features on photobucket - this is bad. Not for my NoName Novel but for my course work, which is being ignored while i play with these fabulous edit features - bleamishes and natural colour begone!!! (re: my profile pic)

Back on topic apart from my lovely profile picture, i have been wandering aimlessly around WD looking at all the different topics. . .

One of which has haunted me, pestering my little writer consciousness -

the infamous TITLE THREAD

See i have commitment issues with my NoName Novel (i love that name *sniff*) and this is the equivalent of a BIG FAT engagement ring of commitment. . .

So its 2009, and i have decided i shall commit to this NoName Novel and finally give it a 'Working Title' - The Sight of Darkness

( i know, i know - very emo!! its called a working title for a reason - Ha, but wait till you see the covers now THEY are emo!!!)

So of course once that was done (thank you Pianist 18 for the help) - emily took a little trip to google image looking for blindfold pictures - i won't go into the amount of 'unusable' pictures i found - especially when i typed in 'gothic' with it. The internet is very. . . . educational!?!?!


I finally found a decent (emo) image which was beautiful, i edited it slightly snipping out the models of the hand and some photographer info (hehe disclaimer - i did not take this picture)

So here are some samples, give me some opinions on what you think/like? the font? the image? the colour scheme as a whole? the colour of the font? etc.

So here they are:

Cover 1 Cover 2

Cover 3 Cover 4

Cover 5 Cover 6

Ok My opinion

Least Fav: Cover 5 - this was just a mess

Favourite: Combo of the Format of cover 2 and the font/colour of 6

Cover 4 & 5 are cool but aren't dark enough in colour (i like black and no i'm neither emo nor goth)

So Heres My favourite:

So What Do You Think? Which is Your Favourite?


Clare C. Greenstreet said...

they all look so cool. Cover 6 is the best though.

Emily Cross said...

Thanks - i think so too ;)

I LOVE photobucket now!!

EC said...

I'd have to agree with you, epona. Cover 6 is my favorite. The contrast between red, black and white is pure awesomeness :)

Jen said...

2, 3, and 6 are awesome. I think number 2 is my favorite.

1stdaughter said...

I think I really like either the last one you did or the 1st one in the set. There you have it!

I am doing great by the way. Just busy and getting bigger by the day. Only a couple of more weeks though and I will have a new little baby! Thanks for keeping in touch.

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