Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ok, so i'm lazy! Extremely so - i have not done a bit of work till today and i only sat down for barely an hour - not even writing but editing!!

So Heres my list and deadline for this weekend and next week

  • Edit Prologue (finally) and resend finalised first draft version to betas
  • Chapter - first scene is okish - not great - needs work
- Second scene - disaster - must figure out how to do a 'traumatic scene'

- Third scene - dialogue & intro of Azael - needs, well starting

- fourth scene - ditto.

I planned on getting chapter two at least started, but i am so slow at writing and lazy that i definitly wont get it done by 9th feb.

Finding it very hard to make myself sit down and type.

This should be easier right?


Vithushan said...

In a similar boat, with holes,no paddles and a dead hippo at the other end (too much?). I'm currently "planning" my blog. It includes the "torso" of a spider diagram, with no legs; truly a burden to his fellow arachnids... ok so now I've given him a smiley face - sure life isn't great but he's happy.

Ok so now I have started again with another piece of paper with another spider torso, only now I also have a drawing of an incapacitated spider to lift my spirits...this could take a while...

Jen said...

Deadlines are a good thing. Make sure that you stick to them or you won't ever get anywhere. And, hey, I love your new layout! It's amazingly awesome.
(On another note, my word verification thingy is "Mrzedi." That sounds like a character....Hm. Mr. Zedi. I'll have to use that...) :)

Kim said...

Added your blog go through what I have said because I am too confused to say more.
Keep Visiting:)

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