Sunday, January 4, 2009

Grumble Grumble *cough* *cough*

You see the title of this post.........

Be forewarned cause i am about to whinge alot

(i know if i put half as much effort into writing as whinging i'd have a first draft written....)

I'm sick and coughy and sore and i've 6 assignments ( 5 being completely redundent and stupid) due in for friday....

I don't have one word typed. I DID however spend the entire weekend watching season 4 of House ( a series i stopped watching after season one - yet for some reason it was essential i sit down and watch it. . . )

Damn you Hugh laurie and Damn Black adder Xmas specials for reminding me the man exists!!

So i'm essentialy screwed, i probably could get an extension BUT thats a bad thing to give a procrastinator especially with exams fast approaching.....ugh.......

Bring on NaNoWriFortnight (27th Jan - 8th Feb)

whingey whingeeeeeeee... and a dash of whine......

So. . . . . . . . .

Apart from lack of work in regards to assignments i have not done much with the NoName either. Or any 'serious' non whingey stuff with this blog for that matter.

So heres a heads up for my next Good/Bad Idea segment (i know you can't wait)

Getting a professional Editor for the prepublished Manu - Good Idea or Bad Idea?






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