Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The New Interactive Sections

Ok so following on to from the previous post - i want to elaborate on the two new sections of this blog:

1. This Week in Publishing Blog News

Basically this is when i go a blog hopping (as i always do) and basically go through a weeks worth of blog news from the sources of agents/editors etc. that i have and compile it together in a blog post with links to their sites. Information like Nathan Bransford's blog explosion about writing your own query letter etc. or his info on publishing news etc.

As soon as my exams are finished i'm going to link to all editor/pub blogs i can find.

2. The Best of Blog Posts per subject

Similar to the snark archives - i will be looking at a specific subject e.g. platform building and go hunting around the blogs for valuable information.

Maybe at the end of the year/month (if theres enough interest lol) i'll set up an award thing . . . hahahaha. . .


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