Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Posting for the sake of it - Marley Style

Yes i am posting just for the sake of it!! I have so much work to do, i needed a break from all the worrying - so here i am!!

Took a tea break and all and was sitting watching Euronews 'Le Mag' which is the entertainment news and i saw that their making 'Marley and Me' into a movie!

I love this book so i'm really excited that Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are in it.

Hopefully they'll do the book justice.

Marley and Me is definitely one of those books which make you laugh and cry in equal amounts. its not just for dog lovers (though it helps) cause there is great scope of the relationships that occur around Marley and his impact. Basically its an autobography of John Grogan through his interaction with Marley. Reminds me of one of those family movies, you sit down and watch and then find you can't stop watching cause although there is nothing 'exciting' it is engaging and touching.

Apart fromt the touching and the engaging elements, this book is such a treat to read if you do love dogs or ever had one. Even some of the stories remind me of my old dog, and some my current pooch (neither are/were labs) - all dog owners can relate to this book on some level! well those of us anyway that don't have lassie as a pet

Goddamn it i knew i should have wrote about my dogs' antics and maybe i would have sold over 2 million copies!!


Off topic: Have to say - not into celebritys or anything like that but Owen and Jennifer make a very cute couple.


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