Friday, January 2, 2009

The Writing Plan!

Oooooohhhhh i hear you all gush with excitement. . . *cough* or so i happily and delusionally imagine is occuring as you read this post.

Upon writing the below whingathon post about the soul sucking course (aw catharsis), i decided to write a little about the main NY resolution (which i really want to keep - well apart from the weight loss one, we all want that resolution to come true) which is

[complete first draft of NoName Novel by 31st Dec 2009.]

Action Plan:

Due to the fact i'm currently in an intense academic fulltime Masters programme, writing time and imagination (daydreaming etc.) time is limited. so, upon the suggestion of MoonFlicker on WD i have decided to put by an hour of writing time per day with no reference to word count. For some odd reason this never occured to me, i think due to the fact i was focused on word count all the time. e.g. 500 words could take me four hours so thats not feasible every night.

So i shall measure by time not word count (and dont freak myself out in the process)

WeekDay (term time) Schedule:

Mon - Thurs : 1 hour of writing per day
Friday: 2 hours per writing ( i have this day off) - negotiable due to workload
Sat & Sun: 1-3 hours per writing per day (will change due to workload)

With this in mind i want to set up some 'loose' deadline dates for getting certain things done.

Month (end of)

January: Prologue (edited re:betas)
Chapter 1 rough draft
Chapter 1 Edited and Send to Betas

Febraury: Chapter 1 (edited re: betas
Chapter 2 rough draft
Chapter 2 edited and sent to betas.

March: Chapter 2 (edited re: Betas)
Chapter 3 Rough Draft
Chapter 3 edited and sent to betas.

Now i'm only doing it up to March cause i know myself things change - it is my hope that the above can be maintained and will continue during my course and up to May.

my exams occur in may but i still have my thesis to write till July. However i'm hoping that i can increase my writing time to maybe 2-3 hours per day during this time and increase it again in between finishing this course and getting a full time job thus hopefully writing more than a chapter per month.

I'm hoping to write a 100,000 (roughly) word YA epic Fantasy ( at least i know the genre lol).

There is so much apart from 'word count' that i have to do in regards to this novel which i am really writing blind.
In the course of writing this novel/series/whatever i hope that the following will become clear (Don't laugh. . . . . . . only i can laugh. . . . and thats only cause i'm hysteric)

1. figure out a title (seems you need this thing if you want to be published - who knew *shrugs*)

2. figure out a plot (another thing you need)

a) Main plot which involves overall epic/journey 3 mythology of the universe sort of stuff like magical objects, motives, fate blah blah blah

b) character subplots - apart from the overall background universe fate plot mentioned above i also want to consider the motivations and subplots behind
each characters actions and not just the Pro and Antagonists.

c) political/cultural/geo subplots: Basically the motivations and political plots which
will also occur in this story.

3. Figure out characters: (crap i have soo much to do)

a) Names and stats of character/countries

b) motivations and how this plays into the plot

c) make them 3d and alive and NOT PROPS for the plot.

Ugh i'm sure i'm forgetting something - let me know if i am.

why do i feel this story is going to end up as a disaster?

*half laugh half sob*

See, at the moment i have a prologue which i'm grand with, and i know what is occuring in chapter 1.

after that its kind of up in the air. i have a vague filler chapter idea for chapter 2 but not really. . .

another reason why its a chapter a month is that I can't seem to outline this thing at all and have decided to just write and see where it takes me.

This can be scary when i get comments back on my prologue intriqued by questions evoked and plots hinted at....
I love my betas - they are amazing at what they do! I just have to make sure that i have the plot/themes/ questions running through the entire novel and that i keep things realistic and logical in my fantasy world.

Overall Plan of Action (very very loose)

31st Dec 2009: 1st draft of NoName Novel
  • Concentrate on Main plot
  • Edit each chapter when finished & send to betas
  • Re- edit
  • When complete read once through
  • reread and make notes
Date Unknown: 2nd draft of NoName Novel
  • Make sure Universe is real and logical
  • Reread again after edits
  • reread as whole
  • edit
  • Make sure subplots/main plot coherent etc - use editing list found on computer
Date Unknown: 3rd draft of NoName Novel
  • Make necessary changes
  • Give to Independent Reader
  • consider suggestions
  • edit
  • reread as whole
Date knowing me 2011 at this point: 4th draft/polish version of NoName Novel
  • Reread for final time - check editors list overall and line by line
  • draft and polish general query & synopsis
  • query L.Agents and adapt query letter.
Date Unknown: recieve rejections with a smile and a nod!!
  • Depending on number/type of rejections
  • number of paritals/fulls requested
  • edit.
Edit - write - edit - write - cry - cry some more - edit - write

Yup thats my schedule for 2009-11

what you think?


Clare C. Greenstreet said...

wow. that's a very thought through plan. good luck!

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