Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back to the grind.

So, tomorrow is the start of my second week of term and damn, do i have some serious work to do!

Its unbelievable, and we still have lots of group work as well, except now we have new groups - so i have new people to work with to add to the pressure. And somehow i'm also supposed to find the time to get my thesis done as well. *sigh*

Yeah, i'm a ray of sunshine!

We have 11 weeks left of lectured weeks, then exams then thesis due in end of July, so for the next 11 weeks i may have to take a hiatus from writing my WIP. Originally i was hoping i could do it in my 'spare time' - Ha! aw how delusional was i, to think this semester would be easier.

Can't wait for the end of may when i've my last exam done cause then i have no more lectures and can divide my time better between 'fun writing time' and 'thesis writing time'. I may get me one of those countdown widgets now :D

Toodles for now,



Vithushan said...

I feel your pain, after 4 years of Chemical Engineering my body has been conditioned to peaks and troughts (usually at the end/beginning of term time).

My blogging has become lacklustre as well; how has the writers chronicle going?

Jen said...

Ugh. Tomorrow is going to be BLEAK for us all. I have two days of schoolwork to make up from when I was sick last week. Joy to the world. Not.
I hate work. Why can't we just have summer vacation all year round????

1stdaughter said...

Good luck with everything! This is my husbands last term at law school and I am so ready for it to be over. It will be so nice to just live life instead of just trudging through it.

Lady Glamis said...

Emily, enjoy it! ENJOY IT! That's all I can say. I've been out of college for 6 years now, and I miss school so badly. Not sure if you'll reach that point, but try and enjoy what you can. :)

Good luck!

Emily Cross said...

V - the forum is going great! we've got close to 30 members now, including a debut novelist and a freelance (former editor) journalist.

Jen - i wish we had summer holidays all the time too, but i guess they wouldn't be the same :(. oh how i wish for the life of a writer - at least i'd be working hard for something

1st - thanks and i hope he does well on last term - the baby look beautiful

LG - aw i know your right. thanks :)

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