Monday, February 2, 2009

SNOW . . . and sunsets!

Oh its snowing, really snowing!! I love it - its real snow (not the wet mushy, disappears in a second kind but the sticks and is a few inches kind!!) YAY!!!!

So here are some pictures of the homestead covered in snow!!


Infront of the house

Behind the house

Teddy (who is camera and snow shy it seems)

P.S. here are some sunset pictures i took one evening back in december too. Trust me the photos don't too the sunset justice. It was amazing - whole sky was mix of blue, pink and orange and was changing every second.


Clare C. Greenstreet said...

wow. amazing pictures Emily! I've been enjoying the snow too! I've just made a snow angel!

Abby said...

You can have my snow, too.

And can I just move in with you? It looks gorgeous where you live! (:

Roselynn said...

Awwww your dog is adorable!

Suzette Saxton said...

Beautiful photos - I especially love the sunsets. Where I live, I can't see sunsets, and I really miss them!

Your new forum sounds neat. Do you plan to cap the membership at a certain number? I'm a bit of a computard, so I didn't see how to join, but the graphics are incredibly beautiful.

Are you a member of the QueryTrackerForum? It has quite a few members, and is a great place to get writing/query help. Here is a link: Look for me on there! I'm Suzy_Q.

Jessica said...

Amazing pics Emily!

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