Saturday, February 14, 2009

stupid sad singles day is here again

Sorry for the lack of constant updates of my grumbles but my online time has been spent harassing people to join my new writer's forum (check it out NOW). I'm delighted that its coming along and more people are joining everyday with great amounts of writing experience and advice.

So today is *cough*mal*cough* i mean VAL. . . entines day.

this day means nothing to me, even if i WAS in a relationship it means nothing. Just another holiday for the card companies between xmas and easter. . . . nope i don't sound bitter do i? lol

Anyhoo, i'm hoping to keep up to date with this blog as per usual next week (although the soul sucking course is back in full tortorous swing) and will update the bookbundle and writer's chronicle over the next few weeks (month really)

So yeah, hope people enjoy this day -
I'm going to go eat myself into a sugar coma, Yay!!


Darling Nikki said...

Call a friend and eat enormous amounts of sugar / chocolate today and you will feel the love!
I shall tell you Happy Valentine's Day. So, Happy Valentine's Day.

Lady Glamis said...

It really is a dumb day, but good for other reasons, too. It just depends on the year and your situation. I've had good V days and really bad ones.


This year's is just dumb.

gapyeargirl123 said...


Just letting you know I found the blog! I've got this huge list of people on blogger that I need to find, now, from the Writer's Chronicle.

~daeonica, using my blogger account for once.

Emily Cross said...

Aw thanks ladies, ive taken yer advice and eaten myself into a sugar coma.....hmmmm.....cake.....

aw and watched a bit of ironman too lol

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