Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well Hello WordPress. . . .

So, i took a day off university

shhh. . . . don't tell anyone . . .

Anyhoo, i've been thinking about my freewebs website which is very slow and dull etc. so i thought i try something new and had seen lots of lovely wordpress blogs lately with their pretty tabs on the top like websites etc. . . . . .


How Wrong Was I! Behing their lovely exterior, there was only EVIL!!

Yes, Ha indeed! To You wordpress!


- its the same Ha! that i felt when i tried (emphasis on tried) to tackle and understand facebook!

I am so annoyed with template options in wordpress and how complex it is to get one off another site, between up/downloading, ftp clients, blah blah blah i eventually gave up and picked a template i could live with.

The site as is, is ok (ish) - it'll do for now, but i made sure to link my blogs (blogger ones) on the front page! As my little protest (v silent one but you know what i mean).

God, Blogger i love how simple you are! You are the bebo to facebook, the Ipod to Mp3's, Twilight to Dracula.

Nice and simple with pretty colours - thats all i want!!

Sigh - so here is my wordpress site

I don't know if there is a follow thing on this yoke or what, but contact me and i'll link you.

Lesson Learnt I won't ditch again

(or at least i won't by being on wordpress.)


Lady Glamis said...

I've never had a desire to use WordPress. Now I really don't want to. Thanks for the info!

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

uuugghhh WordPress is so STERIL..I tried but I just don't see myself there (yet)...I can alost guarantee that I'm going there again (being hardheaded and all that jazz)but nice and colorful is all I need (for now)..:)

Matthew W. said...

I have also never tried WordPress and can honestly say I probably never will. Of course, I also said that about MySpace once upon a time. And, yes, I promised myself I would never get an MP3 player. Anyway, thanks for the blog!

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