Friday, February 6, 2009

The Writer's Chronicle Community Forum

Hello Everybody!

I thought i'd let you all know that i've set up a community forum for writers.

I'm hoping this foum will be a place for people to share/discuss issues and topics related to writing.

Blogging is amazing but often posting can be very one sided. I'm a member of a similar board (the writer's draft) and the advice and help i've received from others there has been amazing.

So please drop in and have a look, and maybe join.

Thanks Emily

The Writer's Chronicle Forum


Kim said...

Hello Author in making got any publisher yet. If not don't loose your heart he is waiting outside your door just go open it.
Meanwhile I would request you to please add a small HTML code from and add it to your site as a mark of our association.

Aasa said...

Hey !
Check out my blog. I write too!
but, I need comments and ideas you see. So please, feel free to drop in.

Ann Victor said...

good luck with your forum Emily - you've done an amazing job of setting it up! Hope it's soon abuzz with activity! :)

Vithushan said...

Hey sorry for the late reply, been out of the blogosphere.

Loving the forum - looking to post any useful/useless information on their as soon as I have a query or point to make.

Just going to hazard a guess - your favourite colour isn't pink/purple/lilac is it?

Emily Cross said...

surprisingly - i'm not a pink fan at all but its the closest to purple i could get and looks gud with black ;)

Now purple thats a different story lol

Thanks for dropping by!

Ann: thanks for the compliments!

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