Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blog- etiquette?

Stupid question, but now that people are actually reading and commenting on my posts (Yay). what is the blog- etiquette in responding? Do you reply to people comments on your own blog comment section, or do you try and go to their blog, read a post and answer comment there?

I tried the second one for a while - but wow was it both confusing & hard!!

I wonder what people think and do?


Marty said...

Reply in post (and then visit them and respond to something that the have posted) that is what I do... except I usually wait a new blog posting so that they can be sure to see my comments.

Casey said...

I try to respond to everyone who comments on my blog in the comments. I will usually go visit their blog too, but I'll only comment if I have time and/or I have something pertinent to say to whatever is posted.

Jen said...

I've noticed that a lot of people wait until they get several comments and then answer questions in one big comment in the comments section.

LauraCassidy said...

thanks for brining this up! I am clueless about blog-etiquette.

1stdaughter said...

Good luck! I have tried both and am more involved with it some times than other times. I think on a whole people understand and if they really want a response they will let you know.

Lady Glamis said...

I think proper etiquette is to answer to people's comments in the comments section. I always do. I feel it only fair.

I am also more inclined to comment on other's posts when they comment on mine, and also when I know that they read my comments and answer them within the section.

I think of commenting as a conversation, and that means I always respond. :)

Great post, Emily!

Captain Hook said...

I reply in the comments section.

CJ Raymer said...

Sometimes I do one big comment listing the individuals' names and my responses to them.

Other times, I respond one at a time. It all depends on how much time I have on my hands. I always check out their blogs. And, if their post is something that I have something to say about, I certainly leave a comment.

Emily - There are no stupid questions! XOXO

Emily Cross said...

Marty - sounds like a good idea, better than my own anyway

Casey - I agree with you, sometimes post just make you have to comment ;)

Jen & 1st - thanks, i think yeh are both dead on

Laura - aw i know i'm the same

Lady - i never thought of it as coversation but i think your right (i'm beginning to see the light of the blog-etiquette ways lol)

CJ - thanks :)

I_am_Tulsa said...

I am starting to wonder the same thing! I try to figure out what that person does on his/her blog. I am so new to all this, I would love to know what you decide on!

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