Saturday, March 21, 2009

Penny arcade humour

This reminds me of what my dear old dad always says about mobile phone texting "who knows? Maybe someday you'll actually be able to pick up a mobile and talk to someone with it"

Original image


CJ Raymer said...

Love that! I have grumbled and griped a bit over the last few months about the future of the printed word. I joked about Yankee Candle needing to come up with a new fragrance such as "Dusty Pages" or "Bound Leather."

Thanks for the smile!

Lady Glamis said...

Oh how funny!!!!

It's like on Wall-E where the captain tries to tell the manual to talk, hehe.

Jen said...

It's funny...and it's sad. Sad because it's so true. People just forget that you can actually PICK UP A BOOK and READ it.

Ugh. I hate the stupid Kindle because it doesn't have pages. Thanks for sharing the comic!

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