Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project Fill-in-the Gaps

Ok i'm spreading the word of a new project sweeping the blogosphere (or it will be when i'm through) - if your anything like myself, you have bookshelves full of 'should-read' books.

Books by the likes of James Joyce or DH Lawrence, which still sit up touched after years and which you keep saying you'll read but never do.

Well MoonRat's friend Andromeda has come up with a project to tackle the 'medicine book' problem and MoonRat has posted about on her Blog, and is asking others to join.

I think this is a great idea and encourage everyone to do the same! (posted on the Writer's Chronicle here)

Here are the rules (adapt for yourself):

- Collect a list of 100 books which you feel you'll never get to read normally

- allow 25 % margin of error (i.e. if you get 75 read, you've done good)

- 5 years to read the books.

My list was generated by the following criteria:

- Classics that are not my style (ie. Not by female writers like jane austin)

-books that I've bought and owned for a long time, butNEVER seem to get around to reading

-One of 'the' books of each genre (e.g. Magician or George r.r. martin for fantasy genre)

-some books I've written done the names of, but never get round to buying them

-the rest filled with Award winning books.

I'm going to post my list soon, but if you want some examples - go to MoonRat's Blog for her list


Captain Hook said...

I can't say I would want to do that. Over the years, I've read thousands of books, not because I liked them, but for school or because someone told me it was a "must read".

After I'd finished them, I realized that some weren't so bad, and others were worse than I'd feared. But now I stick solely to what I want to read.

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