Thursday, March 26, 2009

To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Ok so i really never understood the appeal of twitter, until i started hearing about people getting jobs and interviews through the process? is this the new way of getting a job? have i lost touch?

So i'd like to know, do you twitter? Do you like it? find it helpful? Should i twitter?

Ok my tweeter name is emilymcross (emilycross was already taken)


CJ Raymer said...

I do...well, kind of. I've been signed up for a while now, but, I just can't seem to get in the groove of it all. I'm a Face-Booker as well, and I like the fact that if I "tweet," it will update my FB "thought." I just wish it was the opposite, if I updated my thought on FB then it would automatically update my "tweet" as well.

I'm not much help to you, I'm afraid. But, if you want to "follow" one another on Twitter, just let me know. I'm determined to get it down and grasp the broader concept of it all. XOXO

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

I found time tweeterer..and I DO NOT like it..I don't know wth is all that fuss about :/

1stdaughter said...

I was on the fence in the beginning, but its slowly growing on me. Even today I found out some great info just by logging on for a couple of seconds, which is what I like about it. Its short, concise and just plain to the point.

Emily Cross said...

1stdaughter whats you name on twitter?

1stdaughter said...

Its just the1stdaughter, but I just looked and you already friended me.

Lady Glamis said...

I don't tweet. I have too much on my plate already... Let me know if it's all its cracked up to be and if I just HAVE to join. :)

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