Saturday, April 25, 2009

51 members of FITG Project and Hotmail Angst

Just some titbits of news:

I'm really happy to announce that over that the Fill-in-the-gaps-Project we're at 51 members (who can post their lists etc.) especially considering the blog has only been open since 3rd april. YaY!!

Now in regards to hotmail. can anyone help me? i've a yahoo and gmail account for my other "persona's" so i'd use hotmail for emilycross. BUT the spam is driving me nuts!!! I don't get any spam with other email addresses, while my spam filter is full over at my hotmail.

Anyone know anything i can do? i'm sick of pressing the 'phishing scam' button.

or does anyone know of any email companys like gmail?


Lady Glamis said...

Why can't you just set up another separate gmail account? I've done that and it works wonders. :)

Casey said...

Ditto Lady Glamis. I have three accounts with Gmail.

Casey said...

Oh, actually I have four. I forgot my work e-mail!

moonrat said...

no idea re: spam. blech. story of my life. but YAY for FITG!!! that's awesome! thank you so much for all your hard work in coordinating! i'm all keyed up still, and it's been nearly a month. that's sustained keyed up-ness, which you should be proud of.

Emily Cross said...

Thanks MR - heres hoping for 50 more :)

LG & Casey - i love gmail but i have firefox so i'm lazy in regrads to signing in and out. I decided on a AOL instead, very like yahoo.

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