Monday, April 20, 2009

interesting traits/habits . . . Life stranger than fiction

So, i can't recall where i read this but i was reading a blog a few weeks ago and the writer came across a suggestion about character building - give your character habits/traits e.g. bitting their nails.

i was thinking about this - and thought perhaps i could use some of my own traits/habits

somehow i doubt anyone would be interested in a MC who is severely arachnophobic, claustophobic, any-phobic, with food intolerances up the bushes and should buy shares in haggen daaz icecream and is a clumsy coca-cola addict with a dash chocoholicism that bites her tumb when nervous?

hmmmm. . . real life definnnitly doesn't translate well into fiction -

whats the opposite of a Mary-Sue?


Shelli said...

i think these would be great traits!

Cindy said...

Lol. That would actually make a very interesting MC.

Nikki said...

Do you bite your thumb when nervous? LOL.
Brilliant. Keep them! Someone will relate and others will laugh.

Emily Cross said...

Lol, i'd say its more like a nibble lol.

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