Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Writer's Chronicle makes the news

The talented Jennifer White wrote an amazing article about the Writer's Chronicle for AC.

Check out some of the lovely stuff she said about WC

All About the Writer's Chronicle Community Forum
Many writers find that their critique groups aren't as helpful as they'd like. With The Writer's Chonicle, writers can get positive feedback and advice on any topics related to writing.


Jen said...

Hee hee, thanks a mil, Emily! I have so many page views on my artilcle now and I must say that I think it's all due to you telling everybody to go and find it. :) So thanks! And I'm glad you like it.

(My word verification is "wationid." That sounds like some obscure type of bean, or something.)

Lady Glamis said...

Now I feel so bad. I just haven't had time to hang out on The Writer's Chronical - or even my other writer's group site. I'm finishing things up though, so here's to hoping I have more time!

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