Sunday, April 12, 2009

Writing & Poetry

As you may have gathered at this point - i am an aspiring writer. Currently i have nothing which could be published. However i have dabbled in short story writing, Fanfiction and Poetry over the years.

Some (FF mainly) is truly cringeworthy and a few years old!! Feel free to comment.

Links are provided to online material (mainly FF)



Below is a collection of all my fanfiction works. Also please find links to my account and ‘invitation only’ Twilight Fanfiction site

Twilight Fanfiction & Fan art Site

Xmen FanFiction

  • Where the Golden Flowers Grow:One-Shot, character death.] Illyana and Piotr, brother and sister forever. Beware the Legacy virus.
  • When the Invincible meets the Untouchable:smallvillecrossover fic set after day of discovery. will contain romy and now also Clarkrogue and other couples. Experimentations, conspiracy etc.I suck at summaries, please look inside. COMPLETE
  • When the Witchblade Calls:crossover fic with witchblade. The past of an xmen is revealed as the witchblade calls to her. sorry suck at summaries. btw i’m inc. info on series so you don’t have to be a fan and it’s not completely centre to the story.contains romy. UNCOMPLETE

Twilight FanFiction

  • When the Whispers Turn to screams:edwardfocused. Edward has always been in control. He needs to feel in control, but with threats like Victoria and the Volturi on the horizon he feels like everything is spiraling. But maybe its not the world that is spiralling out of control. maybe its edward UNCOMPLETE
  • Like the desert miss the rain: TwilightBuffyAngelcrossover.Alice has a vision of a mysterious stranger who is set to destroy what little peace that exists in forks but it seems that this ‘woman’ is not a stranger to one member of the cullen family. UNCOMPLETE
  • The Devil Walks: original work but works for ‘alice as a human’ story. first twilight fanfic. ONESHOT
  • Oblivian: She took another step towards the edge. It would be over soon, all this pain and torture. Everything would stop and end. It would be pure bliss, it would be pure oblivion. COMPLETE


  • Unhappy Ending: Even a face of beauty, is marred by their past. A rosalie Poem.
  • Open Your Eyes Child:Jane’s last human moments
  • A Lover’s Touch: Sometimes it is only the mirror which holds the truth. BXE
  • Unseen: Poetry. Edward’s view of the unseen force formally known as death.
  • Hush: Esme writing to her one and only child. sad.

Vampire Knight

  • Story of Yuuki Kuroso: Vampire Knights retold in a novel like way. This is a personal interpetation of the manga classic.

Original Work

  • Eternity
  • The Poet

Short Stories:

  • Death
Novel: Sight of Darkness - In Progress


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