Sunday, May 3, 2009

Book Quote

All writers know that on some golden mornings
they are touched by the wand -
are on intimate terms with poetry and cosmic truth.

I have experienced these moments myself

Their lesson is simple: it's a total illusion.
And the danger in the illusion is that you will wait for these moments.

J.K. Galbraith


LauraCassidy said...

Love the new layout! I've tagged you in my blog :)

Windsong said...

Very nice. And so very true. Writing is work. Hard work. Lots of it. :D

Jenna said...

That's such an awesome quote. I'm adding that to my list of book/writing quotes that I have saved on my laptop.

And where oh where did you get your new layout? I love it!

Melissa Barrett-Traister said...

Great quote,thanks for sharing!

Elliot Ashcroft said...

I love that quotation. =3

Emily Cross said...

Laura - thanks for the tag :)

Thanks for the comments on the quote, i have this lil book full of them - only cost me 1.99 too. Gota love a bargain.

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