Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fill in the Gaps: Update

As many of you know (and maybe some of you don't), in March on Moonrat's Blog she mentioned that her friend, Andromeda had decided to make up a list of a 100 books, which she felt she 'should' read and gave herself the space of 5 years and 75% success rate to finish this list.

This idea morphed into the 'Fill-In-The-Gaps-Project' which is a place for people to come, post and discuss their lists and progress.

So i've decided to post a little update about how the blog is proceeding.

It was started on the first of April, so its only a little over a month old, and now has over 60 contributers/members who've posted their lists/progress reports etc.

We have over 40 followers as well.

Currently we're doing 'MiddleMay' which is a 'group read and discussion' about Middlemarchby George Eliot for the month of May, and has been a huge success so far.

So, anyone whose reading, and would be interested in joining up - feel free to pop by the blog, have a look and email me at: for an invitation.

Remember ALL are welcome.


Danyelle said...

*stabs time*

I'll have to derive vicarious pleasure for your posts. :D Along with finding my copy of Middlemarch...

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