Friday, May 1, 2009


I think may need to join BA - bloggers Anonymous!!!

i've made another one: The official Website of Emily Cross, its mean't to be an 'official website' with no moany posts about Real life, just about my progress as a writer etc.

Ha! its only an excuse for me to look at pretty blog templates and download them and play with html......

why are there so many pretties out there :(

Its a sickness!!!!


Windsong said...

You are not alone! ;-)

Jenna said...

Well, Emily, I have a link for you:

I have a blogging addiction, too...but I've been able to contain it. Somewhat. Okay, not really... :D

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Hi name is... and I'm a template-addict *bows her head in shame* lol

Emily Cross said...

Windsong: thank you!!

Jenna: that was hilarious and well i answered yes to ALOT of those questions. . . . *nervous laugh*

Alpha: oh we're blogoholics with a template addiction (even worse than the normal blogoholics) *also bows head in shame*

Lady Glamis said...

Ack! You are addicted, JUST LIKE ME!

Lady Glamis said...

You'll see on my blog that I already belong to BA. :D

Emily Cross said...

Thanks everyone. the first step is admitting you have a problem right?


Lady: are there badges/logos for BA that i don't know about lol

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