Friday, May 1, 2009

List update & summer list

So about two months ago i made up this list, and i was meant to review it at the end of March (whoops) - well i guess May will have to do. (interesting how i always remember these things when i've something horrible due)

  1. Get more members for the Writer's Chronicle Forum (numbers increased)
  2. Contact Published members and start getting 'the published' section more 'alive' and organised. PROMOTION being the key word - like interviews/book reviews Tried a few authors but will need to get serious about this.
  3. Set up the first monthly competition on the Writer's Chronicle (maybe with a prize!) We've had our first winner in March, april looks a bust though
  4. Write a new topic for the Writer's Chronicle Blog - maybe making the posts more specific and smaller (thus easier to read)
  5. Toying with the idea of an Ezine for WC writers - might see about that one (didn't do this but WC blog fits the bill)
  6. Gather more research for my book, journals and articles etc. Didn't do this either

Heres my new list for the summer.

  1. Get EVEN MORE members of the WC - currently at 70, i'm going to aim high and try for 200 by end of the summerr
  2. Get 50 blog followers (lol - i'm doubting this will happen)
  3. Gather more research for my book etc.
  4. Get more interractive with WC, such as interviews etc.
  5. Once my course is over, create a proper outline for my WIP and start writing
  6. Poetry - both reading of others and writing of my own.
  7. Attempt some short stories and try and see if i can get them published.
  8. Get serious about reading other peoples work
  9. Complete at least ten of my 100 booklist
  10. Learn GIMP (photoshopping)
  11. Learn website design
  12. Don't watch tv till after 5/6pm or dvds (i.e. west wing!)


Amanda said...

Okay, this is probably a stupid question, but what is the writer's chronical forum? I've seen the writer's chronical blog, but i don't think that's what you're talking about...

Emily Cross said...

Hey Amanda,

The writer's chronicle forum is a online community forum for writer's who blog/online who can come online and discuss or vent about their writing or real life stuff. Basically i set it up as a community thing for us isolated bloggers :)

Heres the address:

cindy said...

emily, hi! cindy pon here with my giveaway contest. i do believe i stated in the rules that i will ship galactically--so yes, open to EVERYONE who wants to play. cheers!

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