Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Little Pony: The Reign Of Buttercup Sprinkles

"They will be sparkly, they will have wings, they will smell of glitter and cotton candy, but make no mistake, this will be war."


Amanda said...

My husband and I both watched this laughing. I still have all my Ponies from childhool :D

Have you seen the live action Thundercats trailer? It's even better!

moonrat said...


Jenna said...

Ahahahahaha! That's just...that's just awesome. :D

Windsong said...


There are no words!

Emily Cross said...

Amanda: so do i! i havent seen the thundercats, i may check it out.

I love the part when he shakes the little girl asking what side she was on. Honestly - it would be a tough call for me. would definitly depend on the amount of glitter and wings involved ;)

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