Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Blog: sweet lord

Ok Ok i know i know,

but i swear i made this one two days ago!!!!

before i admitted myself into BA!!!

Anyhoo, its a poetry appreciation blog, i've started with some of my favourites by Christina Rossetti (and found some great videos of these poems being performed) and plan to have some Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Emily Dickenson too. I'll probably get round to the Irish poets too. But i would love it if people could post comments here or on the poetry blog about your favourite poets? or poems? especially unknowns/unusual poetry?

thanks :)


Alice Kildaire said...

OMG, you really are addicted aren't you??? lol

I love the new layout on this blog by the way!

Leigh Russell said...

Favourite poets? difficult to say. Tennyson, Pope, Donne and more recently Yeats, Heaney... I'm just pulling names out of the air. I know Bob Dylan is a songwriter, but I do think his lyrics are wonderful.

Lady Glamis said...

Awesome site, Emily!

I love Rilke. :)

Windsong said...

Very pretty. :D

Emily Cross said...

Alice: i am - i really am. God love me and my addictive nature. First it was coke and chocolate and now its blogs and templates.

Leigh: thanks for the suggestions, my dad is always quoting Bob dylan so i might just throw him in. :)

Lady: thanks for suggestion, i never heard of Rilke. but definitly going to look into him.

Windsong; thank you!

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