Monday, July 27, 2009

For all parents who are writers

This a shout out for Kerrie McLoughlin, who has written a 400-page e-book kit which contains information for over 200 regional parenting publications in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Jennifer Gregory of Raleigh, NC said this before she had even used the e-book: “This is very complete and will save a TON of time. The listings for the publications are very comprehensive and save so much time looking up the writers guidelines. I also really like the spreadsheet and how you note things like no reprints and exclusive. This will be great as a quick reference.”

“Get Published in Regional Parenting Magazines” in e-book format is now available at for $20.


Kerrie McLoughlin said...

Kerrie rocks hard and is super-cute, even pregnant. She's wicked smart, so you should check out her e-book. Is plugging myself really bad? How about a money-back guarantee?

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