Saturday, July 4, 2009

Post - Thesis Goals.

So, i've decided to write these up here in the 'public domain' so i will stick to my guns and not be pressured immediately to try and find a job that i don't want.

So once my thesis is finished, and i've had a month to recover and resusitate etc. I'm going to look into the publishing/media industry (bad time i know). I never took a 'gap' year or anytime off to 'find myself' or discover what i really wanted to do. I loved my undergraduate degree but i guess i'm at an impasse about what to do. So, my plan is to contact the following and ask for two weeks work experience. This way, i'm hoping i can find something i really like and work in that area.

#1: Local regional newspaper - newspaper journalism

#2: Local irish magazine - magazine journalism

#3: Contact irish literary agents (there are 5 in the whole country lol): (probably won't happen)

#4: Contact Irish or irish branches of publishing houses: editing, publicity etc.

#5: Booksellers: publicity element, buying and selling etc.

My hope is to find out if i enjoy working in any of these areas - its a win-win. if i don't like it, then i can cross these off my list, if i do - well begging and england here i come, me thinks!


Danyelle said...

Good luck!

LauraCassidy said...

Sounds exciting! Good luck :)

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