Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Basics Challenge Update

So there has been a bit of interest about the basics challenge so i've set up the blog. Please drop by! If you want to join the challenge email me at emilycross09@gmail.com

I'm still working on my list but i've made some badges/logos if people would like to use them

I'm currently going to post my progress/list etc. here soon! Email me if your interested in Joining!!

Here are some Badges to add to your blog!

185 x 150






annerallen said...

Sort of a "catching up" comment here:

27 viruses! Sorry to hear it. Does Hallmark make a "get-well" card for people with computer viruses? They can be just as upsetting and debilitating as the kind that move into one's nose, can't they?

Book Blogger prize! You deserve it.

I LOVE the Basics Challenge idea. Fantasy isn't my field, but the same thing would go for most genres: "Don't re-invent the wheel" and KNOW your genre! Good advice for all writers.

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