Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Muse - Uprising

Ok I'm a HUGE MUSE fan, so i'm thrilled that last night (uk time), the first song off the resistance album, uprising got its first ever play! WAHOO! Can't wait to see them again in NOV!

Heres a snippet of the new song


Leigh Russell said...

Hi Emily
Just called by to see how you are. I'm glad to see you've finished your thesis. Well done! Now you can enjoy the rest of the summer - you deserve it.
Cut Short is only £5.49 on amazon now, so please tell all your friends! It's selling fantastically well and I'm insanely busy with book signings, festivals, radio interviews, newspaper blogs etc. - all great fun but exhausting.

Pen Pen said...

WHOA!! Wait a tic! I JUST posted about hearing of Muse and LOVING THEM!! THis is SO weird and I'm gonna take it as a sign that I should go to itunes right now and BUY every tune they have!!!
YAY! Go Muse!!

jonas wunderman said...

Hey you ....

Just a big thank you for nominating my blog, that was a nice surprise and very kind of you!!

You enjoying Kafka on the SHore?? I wish I could converse with cats, I'll tell you ...

jonas :)

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