Saturday, September 26, 2009

Competition: Book Bundle

We're having a contest over on the book bundle, we're you've the chance to win a free copy of Tom Holland's 'The Vampyre: the secret history of Lord Byron'

From the back cover:

"I have written my memoirs - but omitted all the really consequential and important parts - from deference to the dead - to the living - and to those who must be both"
- Lord Byron, Detached Thoughts

What was the deadly secret that haunted the writings of Lord Byron, that most brilliant and notorious or romantic poets? Tom Holland, in this dazzlingly crafted blend of fact and fiction, offers a truly terrifying answer. Impeccably researched, vividly imagine, The Vampyre i gothic fiction at its most atmospheric, allusive and thought-provoking. As Byron himself pointed out: truth is stranger than fiction.

So drop on over to the book bundle, look at our competition and enter - its so easy!


Diana Paz said...

Looks like a great book!

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