Friday, September 11, 2009

Debut Authors?!?!?!?

So, over on the Writer's Chronicle Forum, we've started a 'debut authors' thread.

Diana asked a great question about whether you would buy a 'debut novel' or not, or would you wait till your got recommendations? and where does that leave the debut author and their sales (and space on the bookshelf).

If your a debut novelist with a book coming out, please drop in and let us know what you think? or how are your finding 'getting the word out' about your book?

and it also got me thinking (and maybe someone can help me?) is there a place (like goodreads) which has a list of all debut novels coming out in the coming year that say a curious cat might wander?


I_am_Tulsa said...

It doesn't sound sounds like a PLAN!

BTW...are you saying that you are not really in your 20s?! lol

Emily Cross said...

Aw thanks tulsa!! I think i've enough challenges/blogs to keep me going (although i am tempted . . . )

Damn my blogoholicism!!

"BTW...are you saying that you are not really in your 20s?! lol"

I'm slightly confused . . . i'm 22. Was it the 'cat' comment - i love my old hollywood films lol.

Diana Paz said...

Emily you are incredible! I think this is the third blog where I've found you and you still come up with ideas for more!!
Thanks for the link :)

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