Thursday, September 3, 2009

Guidelines & opportunities

So, ladies and gents if anyone is interested in the basics challenge (and excellent one for writers!) please drop by and have a gander of the guidelines which i've just posted for the challenge.

Also i've a bit of good news, i went for an interview in my university on monday for a job in the department and it took an very unexpected turn when i was offered a phd!!! (pending funding) so now i'll be working on my research proposal for the next month and *fingers crossed* i'll get the funding and be a student for another 3 years!


thought i'd share :)


1stdaughter said...

Way to go! I'm so excited to hear how it goes.

LauraCassidy said...

Cool, well done! What are you going to do a Phd in?

Emily Cross said...

Thank you both :)

Well my phd is going to be in organisational psychology, specifically in the field of women and leadership. I still need to narrow it down to something more specific within that field :)

Helen said...

Hey, Emily, just dropping in to say hi. It was lovely to hear from you--it's great to see more Irish people around! Congrats on getting offered the PhD, I hope the funding comes through.

Emily Cross said...

Thanks Helen, much appreciate the drop in

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