Friday, October 9, 2009

Chronic Writer's Block

So, after approximately 6 or more months of writing - absolutely NOTHING. I have finally come to the conclusion (albeit very slowly) that i must have writers block!
Audience : DUH!

i am a tad slow on the uptake - i know! but finally the penny has dropped! Funnily i dont know why this hasnt occured to me before, im a terrible hypochondriac (you think the opportunity of self-diagnosis would be jumped on!) but after two going on three months out of university, i dont think i can blame university for sucking up my writing juices!

After spending the past hour staring at a blank screen, trying to rewrite some mumbo-jumbo short story of purple prose i wrote an age ago, nothing is happening. . .

So yeah, WB - joy!

So anyhoo, does anyone know any cures for WB? Apart from the obvious holy water and garlic?


Amanda said...

Nope. I had major writer's block for about six months this year, and finally got out of it. I finished working on a project and now I'm afraid I'm going to go back into it, so I'm thinking about doing NaNoWriMo this year...maybe that'll help.

Diana Paz said...

It's like hiccups. There are dozens of theories as to the cure, but which one REALLY works??

I didn't write for a year after my youngest was born. Not one word. It came back to me out of nowhere, and it will come back to you :) Meanwhile, if you put a teaspoon of sugar under your tongue and hold your breath while swallowing three times...

annerallen said...

I say don't fight writer's block. Embrace it. It's part of the writing process--time to do what creativity coach Julia Cameron calls "filling the well." Best way to do that? Read. Novels. Great ones. Guilty pleasure ones. Sucky bestselling ones.

Pretty soon you'll be inspired by the greats and saying "I can do better than that" to the not-so-great.

Stephen King says you should read as many hours a day as you write. Maybe you've got some catching up to do to achieve balance. I usually do.

Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

I am having a bout of this too. I finished a project and can't for the life of me decide what I want to write next. So, I've spent days fiddling with other pursuits (like revamping my blog design and developing an unhealthy hatred for html code). Love your new design btw.

And Diana, as for hiccups,surefire cure: fold a paper towel in half twice, then place the square on top of a glass of water, then drink the water through the paper towel. It's a bizarre cure my college roommate taught me and it has worked every time. :)

Diana Paz said...

I love the new look!

bigwords88 said...

Even though I have used this response before I'm gonna use it again, because it bears repeating:

If a person is blogging, posting on forums or creating any form of writing online (even flaming others) then THEY DO NOT HAVE WRITERS BLOCK.


Yup, I'm of the opinion it doesn't exist. However, if you feel that there is an unseen impediment to your creative urges, whatever the cause, then doing something mechanical and regimented can be a useful easing-in tool.

I'm referring to writing walk-throughs for computer games, creating (or editing) pages in Wikipedia (or similar) and any other standardized writing. If you are able to do something which has a style guide and enforced layout you might find yourself contemplating more creative urges.

Hope you find your voice in time for NaNo. Hint, hint... :)

annerallen said...

Bigwords has a point. You ARE writing. Right here.

Word verification "cokedies" Perhaps a name for cocaine-fueled sitcom scripts?

Penelope Paige said...

Usually when I feel like the muse just isn't there, I try a writing prompt. Either listening to a song or looking at a picture and just writing what comes to mind. When the juices run dry, I would take anything I could get. If you can write something, ANYTHING, even if it's not that good, I would just work on that until you're back on track. But don't worry, it will come back. It always does. :]

- Moonlight_Mania from the Writer's Chronicle.

Emily Cross said...

Thank you everyone for the great advice everyone, i really appreciate it!

Amanda: I don't think i'm hardcore enough for NaNo! I'm tempted though :)

Diana: Lol, thanks i needed a laugh, after having a child, i don't blame you not writing. When i see mothers with new borns, its like running a marathon, i don't know where they get the energy! Thanks for compliment about design, considering i live on my laptop, think it suits - wish i looked like yer one though lol

Anne: thanks for the advice, i definitely need to get reading again, my new apartment has no tv so i'm hoping this will spur me on, both in reading and writing :)

Roni: Omg, don't encourage me, i'm a blogoholic - this blog has undergone so many changes, its not funny lol. Its great though that you got your project completed, it must feel amazing. I've seen posts on AW similar ro what your saying - like people having given up there babies.

Bigwords: Thanks for the advice, and i know in a sense its true. I write a lot of academic stuff, i think this WB is more to do with fiction writing, which i'm finding so hard to do at the moment. I like the mentality behind that comment though - thank you :)

Hey Penelope, how are you! Nice to see you! Thanks for the comments, i do have the odd idea, but its actually putting on paper, but like you said - it will come back (ihope lol)

The Sesquipedalian said...

I think you've gotten some great advice already, Emily, but I'll second some of the advice already offered.

1) Read, read, read; it'll help fire up that creative furnace again, I guarantee it.

2) Stuck on your WIP? Practice your craft elsewhere, like here on your blog.

3) It'll pass.

Hope it passes quickly!

Kamille Leili Elahi said...

I've just come to realise that I've never suffered WB for more than a month. It must be the most awful thing to suffer for months on end.

The only sure way to prevent WB (not cure it) is to plan it. Don't plan it to the extent that you know what you're going to write before you write it but plan enough so you have an existing beginning, a rough but fairly formed middle and a light at the end of the road which is your ending.

And thunderstorms and snowstorms. For some really weird reason weather is the best way to get inspiration. (Good thing you live in Ireland then Emily! Plenty of rain!)

Sunny weather and a light breeze does not cure WB, it makes it worse. You end up ditching your novel and go on a picnic instead!

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