Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Viruses anmd Jazz

My computer got hit by a supervirus friday! It pretended it was anti-virus software (luckily i coped this and didn't download) but it still infected my laptop, even when its offline so strong liklihood it will be wiped. le sigh!

Happier news, i had an amazing weekend at the cork jazz festival - saw little jazz to be honest but had some great craic with my friends! Atmosphere was brilliant, music was brilliant and of course the cork people were brilliant (as always :) )

Go rebel county!


Kamille Leili Elahi said...

Ooh! jazz! That sounds like fun!

OH NO! Killer viruses! Have you backed everything up?

Diana Paz said...

Viruses, horrible! I hope it doesn't mean a complete wipe :(

Wendy Sparrow said...

The husband just swapped out my virus scanner with the new one from microsoft. A supervirus. Wow. Scary. Jazz--nice.

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