Thursday, October 1, 2009

Only in Ireland . . .

Only in Ireland would a herd of 6 Llamas escape and run loose on one of the countries busiest roads and roundabouts, aptly named 'The Red Cow Roundabout' causing huge delays for commuters while gardai (police) tried to round them up.

So we have Llamas, Red cow roundabout, and Gardai . . .

There must be a joke in this somewhere!


Kamille Leili Elahi said...

HAHAHA! aw bless them!

I would give anything to see that on my train journey to college!

Do you know if the llamas are ok?

Emily Cross said...

Aw they were fine, got rounded up by the gardai and went back to the circus - no one (Llama or human) were hurt

well here some more about it

"The llamas came from a circus.

Circus owner Alexander Scholl said his animals bolted when fuel delivery men left a gate open.

He rejected rival circus owners' claims that he deliberately allowed the llamas out to gain attention for his Circus Sydney, which previously has lost elephants and a wallaby.

He told the Associated Press news agency: "There's no way this was a publicity stunt. If these llamas hit a car and killed somebody, who are they going to arrest, me or the llamas?"

So add the circus to the mix too lol.

Lucy ☮ said...

Lordy lordy lordy. Seriously. Only in Ireland. Next there'll be killer leprechauns under sewage grates and unicorns in Supervalu.


The Sesquipedalian said...

I love it! There's actually an alpaca farm near where I live, but none have escaped to my knowledge. I can just picture them now, though, trotting along through the sagebrush. :)

Diana Paz said...

Wow, yeah that probably wouldn't happen in L.A.

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