Thursday, October 29, 2009

Twilight - Wow

So many of you may not know, but once upon a time i was a HUGE (closet) fan of Twilight. I say closet fan because back in 2006/7 - no one outside the U.S. (and especially not in UK/Ireland) had heard of a vampire called Edward. I seriously believe i was the only irish person who was a 'fan' at this time - my little guilty pleasure.

So, i wandered into my local Easons - saw the book and bought the book.

So with recent explosion, i've been looking back on my books, specifically this one - which is now considered 'rare'.

I might be wrong, but i believe the one i have is actually a uk first edition softback.

and of course when SM came to Dublin in 2008 (i think) i got it autographed.

It now sits on my shelf, all dusty.

Then i saw this page - first edition, hardback - but no autograph. £599.

God i'm glad i never throw anything out lol.

Maybe someday - i will be a millionnaire lol.


Kamille Leili Elahi said...

I wish I had one. I was too scared to read it in 2006 because I thought it would be gross.

LauraCassidy said...

Wow! You're so lucky!

Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

That's awesome. So interesting how different the covers are from one country to another, too.

Lisa said...

I love the cover. That definitely is going to be worth some bucks (already worth some bucks!)

Diana Paz said...

OMG that is such a different cover. What a different feel to the book... awesome that you got it signed and everything :)

Wendy Sparrow said...

I just got a copy of Lost Treasures magazine and it mentions what copies of the original bunch of Twilights are going for. I was shocked. Definitely hold onto it and keep it safe.

Emily Cross said...

Yeah thanks everyone.

I just thought it was mad how expensive some of the copies were!

I may check out how best to keep it safe - i doubt gathering dust on a bookshelf is a good idea lol.

wiggle said...

I have the same copy in paperback that i bought from Borders here in Australia before the book became famous.

I always thought the cover was a lot more interesting than the new one they brought out. I think it's less commercial and thats what makes it special.

What did you end up doing with your copy? i'm trying to decide what to do with mine, and if i sell it, where to do it and how much?

Emily Cross said...

Hey Wiggle,

Thanks for the comment, i'm planning on holding onto mine for a while, as i'm sure its only going to increase in price with time.

I'd say maybe ebay would be a good idea, and i would contact twilight lexicon (big fansite) and they might let their members know.

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